The Significance of the 2020 General Election

The 2020 election represents an unprecedented opportunity in US history to redirect the moral compass of America, which has gone so woefully off course. Unfortunately, lawlessness has run amuk in an Administration where hubris is the norm and the rule of law is nowhere to be found. A precise correction is required to Give America Morals Again (GAMA). 

Of the 245 million Americans eligible to vote in the 2016 general election, 66 million voted Democrat and 63 million voted Republican. Over 100 million Americans stayed away from the polls. As a result of the consequential 3 year debacle that has played out right before the very eyes of not only Americans, but also on the world stage, I can only imagine the level of defection the Republicans will incur in 2020. 

In my humble opinion, 25% of the GOP base will jump ship and vote Democrat. Additionally, I predict that at least 20% of those who abstained from voting in the 2016 election will also participate in the process, voting Democrat. This second group may be motivated by the higher taxes in 2019 and 2020 as well as prescription drug price hikes. I would be hard pressed to believe that any candidate, Republican or otherwise could withstand a potential 75 to 85 million vote watershed. Or that any serious attempt would be made to try and circumvent such an overwhelming outcome. The optics would be too obvious. Such a landslide would be unprecedented in US politics.

A Sanders/Gabbard ticket is what America needs. At 79 years of age, Senator Sanders may only have the capacity to serve one term in office. Subsequent to the positive impact of all of the reforms implemented by a Sanders Administration, Gabbard would then be a shoo-in for an additional one or two terms. Eight to twelve years later America elects their second female President, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for another two terms. After 20 years of good governance, Democrats would undoubtedly continue to vote in league with their party. Almost an entire generation would have experienced the fruit of the righteous, whom when in authority “the people rejoice!” 

If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then let the electronic quill of the polls cut like no double edge sword has ever before. As Cato the Elder said about Carthage, the status quo must be destroyed! We must reinstate so many of the protections that have been eroded by corporate greed, starting with the Glass-Steagall act of 1932. Restore the integrity of the constitution, abolishing the Federal Reserve Act in order to mint US currency interest free. Freedom is life, liberty, and the original, Property, not happiness, with the rule of law being the ultimate sovereign as defined in Magna Carta Libertatum.

America is at a crossroads in its history, where the fate of the nation weighs in the balance. It must seize the opportunity to capitalize on so rare an alignment of Star Souls such as Bernie, Tulsi and Alexandria. We may never have this chance again to right so many wrongs and sign so many songs of victory. For the victors, the spoils will be peace on earth and good will toward men through a humble foreign policy. End nation-building, reducing military spending, resulting in domestic investment in education, sustainable development through green technologies like the widespread use of Hemp products. Above-living wages will create a better work-life balance and bring down crime rates. Good governance that enforces the protection of liberties will bring about endless benefits. Don’t sit on the fence in 2020. Let your voice be heard with the resounding crescendo of “Give America Morals Again” (GAMA)! 

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